Australian Tuned Server

Key FeaturesHow to join us
  • No aoe faceroll content, Check your CC before you wreck yourself
  • 1. Register
  • Tuned raids/Dungeons for that bitter sweet progression
  • 2. Client Setup Guide
  • Offspec Tier Sets, Balanced dungeons/raids for patch 2.4.3
  • Burning Crusade Talents + Spells/abilities
  • Realmlist
  • PVE Server with Arena + Battlegrounds
  • Daily Dungeon Quests + Badge System: Guide
  • Realm Status
    Server Conduct
    No pay to win, No donation or vote point system
    You must earn everything in-game, Permanent non-appealable bans for hackers.Click to Vote
    Coming Soon™
    Pre-Instance Daily Quests, Hyjal Zone (Daily Hub)Facebook Page
    Karazhan scaled to 60, Outlands scaled to 48-60

    Dodgykebaab Server Review

    The Vanilla in 2.4.3 Project Started on 09/08/2014 at 23:05

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