This list will be kept up to date, It will be changing so please check back here in future before asking a question on the forum!

What game client version do I need?

Burning Crusade Patch 2.4.3

What do I set the Realm List to?

set realmlist www.243vanilla.tk

Where is the server located?

Australia, West Victoria

What TBC Features will be left in?

Guild banks, Arena, Talents, Abilities, Macro's

What can I do now?

Every quest has been fixed, so you can start by questing, gather your friends and complete daily dungeon quests for bonus experience points, Challenge each other in the Arena, work together to overcome the finely tuned raids and conquer the opposing force in battlegrounds.

Why not just make a 1.12.1 server?

The main reason for the 2.4.3 patch is for the use of offset Tier gear, this allowed us to make every spec viable in raiding using the D2/T1/T2 recolour sets that were released in burning crusade dungeons.
The 1.12.1 Client has less macro's, less addons available, movement is clunky, if you play with high ping (anything over 0) you're at a disadvantage due to the global cool down lockout.
2.4.3 has no gcd lockout, and has more of everything!

Why not just make a PVP server?

So, to make things clear why this will NEVER be a PVP server, here's an analogy from the southpark episode "Make love not War"

There's a guy thats just killed over 1000 players in arathi highlands, who ever it is he has absolutely no life, they're a higher level than our admins and no one can stop them, the only item known to defeat that which has no life is the sword of 1000 truth's which has an instant mana burn on hit. When 1000's of people cant kill one player people cant play the game, the only way to play the game to level up is to kill boars in the wilderness for 1exp a piece, a group of 40 people attempted to kill the one which has no life, they were all destroyed by one arcane explosion and a series of scarabs, he was undefeated.

Now the issue we have here is we don't have a sword of 1000 truth's but we sometimes do get those people who can kill hundreds of thousands of people without taking a single hit, who are those who have absolutely no life? Hackers... how fun is a game where someone is flying above you out of reach hitting you with a pyroblast followed by presence of mind another pyroblast from 40 yards in the air and finishes you off with fireblast or scorch if needed, with you being a melee class that cant charge at them or even hit them once. PVE eliminates harassment caused by hackers and being PVE there's nothing they can gain apart from disrespect and a permanent banstick to their forehead.

Is this server safe from DDOS attacks?

We have prevention systems in place and DDOS attacks in Australia are rare.

I found a bug where can I report it?

You can mail Faildruid in game or join our forum and post it here

How Blizzlike is this server?

All dungeons have been given an overhaul due to Burning crusade talents/spells/abilities, difficulty has been increased quite substantially to bring back the use of CC and strategies to take on each pull.

As we have access to BC spells for npc's allowed us to finely tune each dungeon and raid to increase damage across the board, TyrZ is in charge of all tuning and if you feel a dungeon/boss is too easy/hard please let us know.

We are still working through the dungeons right now to make sure they are all tuned perfectly, the baseline of dungeons has been complete so all trash is where its meant to be along with their spells/abilities and special events are all scripted.

For a list of the current status of Dungeons/Raids check here.

Am I allowed to multibox on this server?

Not for PVP or PVE content, only for power levelling alts using alt+tab, no 3rd party software.

Will this server have custom items?

Tier sets work the same way they did in TBC, tokens drop from bosses and are traded in to a vendor once required quests are complete if required. Offset Tier items are also available; Ret/Prot/Holy sets for Paladins, Shadow/Holy sets for Priest, Balance/Feral(tank)/Feral(kitty)/Resto sets for Druid etc!

Many items have been itemized and some were increased to ludicrous stats by a previous GM, if you see anything out of the ordinary please notify us, Most items have been corrected but surely there will be a few we have missed.

In terms of custom items/itemization we have removed spirit from plate, shields and mail and replaced them with viable and useful stats, we have retuned thunderstrike and shadowstrike to be feral dps/tank weapons and changed it to a Staff type for example.

We don't want this to be seen as a "Fun Server" we are very focused on making the right decisions regarding item changes, if you are upset with an item and wish for it to be changed let us know by either mailing Faildruid in game or posting on the forums, please be professional about it any suggestions similar to "give this 50% chance to instant kill on hit and +1000 hp/str/agil" will be ignored.

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