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Daily Dungeon quests

Each bracket are on a 4-8 day cycle
One Daily Dungeon Quest will be available each day from each level bracket
Start and end the quests from any Major Capital City near the bank/auction house from Quest Boards.
Dailies reset at 12am (Midnight) every day, If you don't hand the quest in it will not be available until the next time the cycle comes around.

Horde and Alliance share the same day of the cycle for the following:
Deadmines + Shadowfang Keep
Stormwind Stockades + Ragefire Chasm

Dungeon Daily Cycles

Time Cycle - Level Bracket
5 Day Cycle - 10-20
4 Day Cycle - 26-40
6 Day Cycle - 41-55
8 Day Cycle - 55+

Badge System

Bosses in dungeons drop a badge, Rare Spawns don't drop badges.

Badge - Level
Enigmatic Spore - 10-55
Heroic Sigil - 55-60

UBRS, MC and ZG drop Heroic Sigils on each boss.
AQ20 bosses (8 per run) + first 4 in AQ40 drops Ahn'Qiraj Battle Tokens.
AQ40 Viscidus to C'thun bosses drops Ahn'Qiraj Research Tokens (5 per run)

Daily Dungeon Rewards

Must be handed in on the same day available
10-55 5x Enigmatic Spore
55+ 5x Heroic Sigil
UBRS, BM, OHF 10x Heroic Sigil (Quests yet to be implemented/changed)

Enigmatic Spore Rewards

10-55 Dungeon Trash loot from "Weird Al Tidus" or "Strange Al Tidus"
they patrol each continent through every zone yelling every few minutes.
Each cost Gold + Spores

Shadrek in Stormwind (Dwarven District - Old Guild Hall) or (Orgrimmar - The Drag)
40-50 Dungeon Gear (25-45x spores)
TCG Consumable items.
18 Slot Bag (45x Spores)
20x Resource Acquisition Tokens (20x Spores)

Heroic Sigil Rewards

Dungeon 1 Set (Tier 0.5)
Non set pre raid BiS items.
TCG Permanant Consumable items + Tabards + Pets
20 Slot Bag (150x Sigils)
20x Resource Acquisition Tokens (10x Sigils)

Resource Acquisition Tokens

20x Resource Acquisition Tokens (10x Sigils or 20x Enigmatic Spores)
Purchased from Shadrek + Lrae'Claviger (Dwarven District - Old Guild Hall) or (Orgrimmar - The Drag)
After trading in your Spores or Sigils into Resource Acquisition Tokens you can trade these in for trade goods

Please note that dungeon/raid trade goods are not included.

Enchanting (Essence, Shards, Dust) - Enchanting Supplies
Tailoring (Cloth) - Tailoring Supplies
Alchemy (Herbs) - Herbalism Supplies
Leatherworking (Leather, Hides) - Leatherworking Supplies
Blacksmithing, Engineering, Jewelry Crafting (Ore, Stones) - Mining Supplies
Engineering, Jewelry Crafting (Pearls, Gems) - Jewelry Supplies - (Orgrimmar/Stormwind)
All (Elements, Essences) - Bath'rah the Windwatcher - (Alterac Mountains - Chillwind Point)

Ancient Shards

BWL, Ragnaros, Onyxia and Hakkar drop Ancient Shards (11 per week)

22 Slot Bag (50x Shards)


(50x Shards)
Fiery Warhorse's Reins
Reins of the Raven Lord
Amani War Bear
Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger(100%)

(18x Shards)
Big Battle Bear
Riens of the Spectral Tiger(60%)

(8x Shards)
Riding Turtle (walking speed)
Everything Below is currently unattainable, not implemented and is subject to change
Class Books for some TBC Spells (8-18 Shards)

Ahn'Qiraj Tokens
36 Slot Bag (100x Battle, 20x Research) - will take just over 1 month of constant raiding full clears to get one of these.
PostPosted: Fri Apr 15, 2016 1:40 am 
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Grand Marshal

Grand Marshal
Joined: Fri Sep 05, 2014 10:47 am
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Location: Victoria - Australia

Bump, this has been updated since it had lots of out dated information.

Hope this info helps those wondering about our daily dungeon quests and badge system.

If you have any suggestions for badge rewards let us know, they might be added Soon!
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